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Completion of Seismic II

Congratulations to the CDE team for the successful completion of the Seismic Platform.

Working alongside McAvoy’s and Algeco, adding to our growing client base, this Modern Methods of Construction project has allowed us to take on a new challenge!

The Seismic platform is the second prototype furthering the lessons learned on Seismic 1. Part of a new government framework which was accomplished by using a number of individual offsite pre-fabricated modules, each floor was constructed in separate parts of the UK by McAvoy’s and Algeco.

Then brought together seamlessly on site, the wiring was carried out in the factory 100% and connected within hours on site. This significantly reduced install time and provided a full install of electrical services in the factories for the first time. This project was fantastic in terms of drive towards net zero carbon, efficiency, and performance.

We were delighted to be involved and excited to use the knowledge gained in future Modern Method of Construction projects!

Completion of Seismic II