John Dunne, Group SHEQ Director, Wates Group

I came across a number of  CDE Engineers on site during the visit and have to say I was very impressed with how they were working. They kept their areas tidy and were working safely under tough COVID-19 conditions. I was particular impressed with their PPE discipline and wanted to thank you for helping us to promote our “We’re Safer Together” campaign.

We appreciate your effort and with organisations like CDE we will be able to keep getting every one home safe every day!

Jaime Garcia, MEP Operations Director, Wates Group

The CDE team have been a trusted and dependable asset of Wates as well as our clients for the past 4 years. Having embarked and completed several journeys together with various challenges, our relationships have been tested and strengthened through several projects bringing many innovations and business improvements to us both. I would recommend CDE as an asset to any business or project looking for a dependable supply chain partner.

Adam Dwyer, MEP Project Manager, Wates Group

Throughout the Phase 2 development at Lillie Square, CDE have performed to an unrivalled standard from start to finish. The safety kept up for the duration of this project from tender to hand over was exceptional and the proactive approach taken on all accounts ensured an on time delivery.

David Smith, Project Manager, Wates Group

In relation to CDE performance on NW06 Alto Wembley Scheme:

"Very good performance, quality of work, service and co-operation."